Sell your gold, silver and diamonds

Mitchell’s will buy your old, broken, mismatched and no longer wanted jewelry at top dollar for on the spot cash. Our location is known for giving high percentages of the current market value on gold and silver. We also have the highest premiums on large diamonds and Rolex watches.

  • Rolex watches
  • Diamonds
  • All gold 10kt and up
  • Sterling silver
  • Watches
  • Designer jewelry
  • Vintage and antique jewelry
  • Coins
  • Gift cards

Jewelry Repair – prices vary

Our trusted jewelers are amongst the best in the industry in Pittsburgh, working with all types of jewelry repair. With four master jewelers on staff focusing on jewelry repair, wax carvings, castings, pearl restringing and diamond setting. At Mitchell’s you can expect expert repair, done quickly with fair/competitive pricing with a Mitchell Unis guarantee.

Services include:

  • Ring sizing
  • Sizing beads, inside ring guards and arthritic shanks
  • Chain, bracelet & earring repair
  • Diamond setting
  • Diamond and gemstone replacement
  • Prong re-tipping & stone tightening
  • Pearl & bead restringing (with both silk thread & elastic)
  • Polishing & cleaning of jewelry
  • Rhodium & gold plating
  • Inside ring engraving
  • Custom made jewelry
In house repair
  • Watch batteries $10.00 and up
  • Specialty watch batteries $20.00 and up
  • Watch links $5.00
  • Watch gasket $5.00 and up
  • Ring Guards Prices vary
  • Jewelry and diamond cleaning FREE
  • Cleaning, Polish & Re-rhodium $35.00
    • Our staff will inspect your rings for prong wear or breaks and loose stones prior to rhodium plating in case additional work is necessary.
    • Rings are polished on our polishing wheel eliminating scratches.
    • Top notch cleaning equipment provides extreme and superior cleaning ensuring there are not contaminants for rhodium.
    • Rings are dipped in rhodium making them look brand new again.

**Rhodium plating is a temporary process. Our guarantee is that your ring will leave the store looking brand new. Our expert staff will provide tips on how to make the plating last as long as possible.

Jewelry Inspection – Free of charge

At Mitchell’s, we recommend your precious jewelry be inspected at a minimum of twice a year. Stop in anytime to have our expert staff members check for worn or broken prongs, cracks in mountings and loose and chipped stones. Having your jewelry inspected will help prevent costly repairs and more importantly the disappointment of losing a precious memory piece.


With over 30 years of experience, Mitchell’s understands protecting your investment. All fine jewelry purchases at our store come with an appraisal included.

In addition, we can evaluate any jewelry to write a fair replacement insurance appraisal. Stop in anytime or by appointment directly with Mitchell. There is a $65.00 fee on appraisals for jewelry not purchased in our store.

Custom Jewelry

Stop in or call to schedule your appointment directly with Mitchell for all of your custom jewelry needs. With Mitchell’s experience in the industry, understanding of latest fashion/jewelry trends and creative genius your custom piece truly be one of a kind. This process is fun, simple and always reasonably priced!

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